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Our Services

I'm back! Recovery went faster than anticipated. Please feel free to book an appointment.

Menu of Services & Rates

1. 60 min. Relaxation Massage: $100

1 hr light to medium pressure Swedish massage and reiki to improve circulation, promote healing and relaxation.  


2. 60 min. Deep Tissue Massage: $100

1 hr firm pressure deep muscle massage to release pain and muscle knots.


3. 90 min. Full Relaxation Massage: $140

1.5 hrs to unwind with guided meditation, Reiki, chakras balancing and relaxation massage. 


4. 90 min. Full Deep Tissue Massage: $140

1.5 hr stretching, bodywork and deep tissue massage. Dissolve tension, muscle knots and pain.

5. 120 min. Comprehensive Massage Session: $180

2 hr of the ultimate combination of any of my massage and energetic healing techniques. 

6. Healing with the Angels Oracle Card Reading:   

I now offer intuitive advice over the phone. You may schedule a session for 15 minutes or more up to 2 hours.  Ask a question or give me an area of concern. I will give you healing advice and help guide you to manifest your goals, based your energy reading, my intuitive empathic gifts, the Tarot and Angels Cards.  

Please book at least 1 hr in advance and confirm same day appointments via text. 

The length of your session is described in the title. The number down below reflects your session time PLUS an additional 30-minutes to prepare for the next client.

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